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How To Design
An Effective Wrap


Remember less is more with vehicle wraps. Follow these design tips to maximize the return on your investment with an effective vehicle wrap design.


Design Tips

Designing A Vehicle Wrap Is Different

Decades of real world marketing experience guide the creative team at Best Graphics to develop the most effective creative concepts.

Bold Colors: Bold, bright & vibrant colors really pop on the roads. Remember, before your wrap can tell a story it first must catch the attention of the audience.

People: Images of people often cut through the clutter on the road. Remember, "eyes attract eyes". 

Food: Studies indicate that wrap designs utilizing vivid images of food are among the most effect wrap designs.

Clean & Concise: Keep the design bold, but simple. Remember, "less is more with vehicle wraps".

The Sweet Spot: The rear of most vehicles is where you find the sweet spot for advertising. This is where you can put more information because vehicles behind you have extra time to view your wrap at a stop sign or traffic light.

A Wrap Must Tell Your Story In Seconds

A vehicle wrap is literally a "rolling billboard" for your brand or organization. A wrap design must identify who you are, what you do, and how to contact your business in under three seconds.

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