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My wrap is done, but my company info has changed?

So you want to take advantage of the impressions a vehicle wrap makes on potential customers, but you still have some questions, like; “what happens if our phone number, website, address, or social media handles change after our wrap is completed?”.

While the overall goal of the wrap, from a performance standpoint, is longevity, that doesn’t mean a phone number change wastes your important investment into your brand‘s visibility. The team at Best Graphics are marketing perfessionals who understand the importance of getting to know your organizational goals to maximize the impact the wrap will have on your campaigns and advertising efforts. Maximizing the life of your wrap by overlaying elements like contact info and social media handles, is Best Graphics’ way of maximizing your investment and lowering your cost per impression and customer acquisition.

We understand the questions that come along with exploring having a vehicle or fleet wrapped. Contact us now, we will answer all of your questions and help you decide if a vehicle or fleet wrap is right for your organization’s goals.


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