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Tips for Successful Fleet Rebranding

There are multiple reasons why you may be thinking about rebranding your fleet. There may be a corporate merger, a new logo or change in products, vision or mission of the company. Whatever the reason, fleet rebranding takes some effort. To help your organization through the process, here are some tips for successful fleet rebranding.

Project Management

A lot goes into a rebranding project after the decision to rebrand is made. This includes creating a budget, project scope, finding a Fleet Wrap Specialist, cost, timeframe, etc. Going right in with no clear plan ensures your fleet rebranding plan will cost more than you thought it would.

Design Process

If a new logo must be redesigned or a new company name comes into play due to a merger, you’ll need to work with expert graphic designers on logo creation and typography choices that clearly portray the new brand. Find professionals who can share ideas and changes to everyone on the decision-making process easily and has the expertise to track many changes or requests at once.

Consumers and End Users

A clear plan on brand repositioning, strategy and marketing and advertising delivery of your fleet rebranding efforts must be developed and conveyed to the end user or consumer. If you don’t plan to advertise and market the rebrand, you will lose customers or worse, confuse them ensuring a loss a trust.

Fleet Wrap Vendor

Choose a vendor that will work as a team, have adequate fleet wrap film inventory materials, industrial printing equipment and manufacturer connections. Find a fleet vehicle wraps and graphics vendor that employs their own project management team to ensure once the fleet vehicle wrapping process begins, the downtime you face is minimal. Having a partner that understands your business goals and how downtime affects them is key. The Best Graphics Company has over 50 years combined industry experience in Fleet Wraps and Fleet Branding. What are you waiting for? Call Today!


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